Our Programmes


At Bright Futures UK, we offer a variety of different programmes to ensure there is something for everyone. These consist of Workshops, Mentoring and Tutoring.

Our Workshops and Mentoring programmes currently run for young individuals aged 16-24, and Tutoring runs from ages 5-18.If you want to get involved with our programmes that are not currently offered for your age, please contact us for more info!



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Bright Futures UK workshops are a great way to meet people in a similar situation to you. We offer skill based and alternative workshops to ensure there is something for everyone.

For example:
CV writing
Business mentoring
Interview skills
For example:
Music workshops
Photography workshops
Holistic healing
Arts and crafts

We understand from first-hand experience that illness can leave you feeling isolated and alone. Socialising with likeminded people is a brilliant way to conquer those negative feelings and gain support from others who you can relate to.
Our workshops are subject to demand and will be tailored to your wants and needs. If you have an idea in mind about a workshop you would like us to run, send us an e-mail and we will do our best to create it.


If you are continuing your studies but find that the disruption has caused you to fall behind with work, tutoring is a brilliant way for you to catch up and stay on track. Alternatively, if your education has been postponed, you may just feel that you would like the occasional brain workout. Whatever your situation, we are here to supply you with the tools to keep your mind focused and active.
We currently provide tutors from Key Stage 2 up to and including A Levels.


Mentoring is an incredibly useful way to unlock your potential with the support of an individual who has experience and knowledge in an area of your interest.

We tailor each mentoring scheme to suit your specific needs and interests. Whether you are passionate about starting your own business, are a keen photographer, or need some guidance with your CV, we aim to match you to the perfect mentor.

We match mentors based on skills, availability, location, personality and many more aspects, creating a comfortable and safe environment for you to develop. Bright Futures UK mentors all work to the highest standard and run exciting and engaging sessions - all tailored to you!

Some unique benefits of mentoring

  • Learn new skills
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Networking
  • Builds confidence

(And many more)